Tara I Want My Concert Tickets Back.

Mandy, 27, Editor

You know . . . the ones my mom bought us in 8th grade, so we could witness Gavin Rossdale AND Gwen Stefani gloriously live and in person? Yeah, I’d like those back. Along with the memory of my first concert ever. In fact, I think I’d like back the memories of all the firsts that adolescent BFFs share – our first crushes, boyfriends, broken hearts. Our first day of junior high; our first day of high school. Embarrassingly big bangs, thumb rings, notes written in code. Sleepovers, mall trips, family vacations. I want it all back. Because if I’d known that one day, out of nowhere, you’d simply stop speaking to me; if I’d known I’d suddenly be left standing alone in the lunch quad and you’d never tell me the reason why; if I’d known that 10 years later, we still can’t look back on all our firsts and laugh and cry about them…well, I would have picked someone else to share them with.


2 responses to “Tara I Want My Concert Tickets Back.

  1. Aww…this is the saddest one yet! Sorry Mandy! 😦

  2. damn… where’s the love…

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