Kristen I Want My Prom Back.

Andy, 19, Student

Even though I was only a junior it was going to be my second time going to prom. I was 17 at the time. I had been friends with Kristen for a year or so by the time January came around and my friends began asking girls to our prom.

I wasn’t so keen on the idea of prom ever since I was asked by a girl named Amelia the year before. I thought of Amelia as a friend, but it was obvious that she had much stronger feelings for me than I had for her. By the time prom came around for Amelia and myself, she was refusing to talk to me because I had no intention of dating her. Needless to say prom was a disaster, and three years later Amelia has yet to talk to me again.

With my bad memory of prom still very fresh in my mind, I contemplated not going my junior year, until Kristen began texting me. I had always thought she was very pretty and even had attempted to date her a few times but it always seemed like another guy would beat me to her. As she continued to text me throughout January, she eventually brought up who I was going to ask to prom. I told her that I wasn’t sure if I would go because of last year. She said she understood and didn’t bring it up again until a few weeks later. I started to pick up on some signs and decided that if I could go to prom with Kristen, things might turn out to be fun. I was secretive talking to her about prom, saying I was thinking of asking a girl to prom and needed her advice, eventually having her tell me what her favorite kind of flowers were. Daisies. For the first time in my life I had successfully done the right thing at the right time. I gave her the daisies before a play practice one day and asked her to prom. She was overjoyed and said she was hoping I would ask her.

Over the next few months we grew closer. She said she didn’t want to rush into anything after what happened with her last boyfriend but she always talked about stuff we could do together over the summer. I thought that after prom she would probably be interested in dating me. I could not have been more wrong. About a month before prom, I had my tux paid for, dinner reservations made with our group, I had even asked my youth pastor if I could borrow his new Charger to pick her up in. It was also at this time that she told me she wasn’t interested in dating anyone during high school. She never said if something happened or if I had said something to her, only that after prom we should just go back to being friends and nothing more. I was a little out of it, after liking her for so long knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to date her after prom, but she was still a very good friend of mine and I knew that was more important in the long run.

The day of prom it snowed in Minnesota. That should have been a sign to me that today would not turn out well. I picked her up and she seemed very quiet. I thought that she was just feeling awkward about the situation and that she would become more comfortable as the day went on. She didn’t want to stand by me while we waited for grand march. Things were going bad.

By the time we were at dinner she was still refusing to talk to me or even sit by me. The second we got to the dance, she ran to the opposite corner of the room and I didn’t see her the rest of the night. Friends would come up asking me where Kristen was and all I was able to say was that she was around. The dance ended and I was in the same spot as last year: dateless, alone, and with everyone else around me having a good night. I waited around until almost everyone had left the dance to see where Kristen was so I could bring her home and hope to say something to make this a better night, but she wasn’t there. I eventually got a text from her saying she left with a friend who was going to drop her off.

For the second year in a row, I was left alone at a dance hall wondering what I did to make a girl so angry at me. I tried to apologize to Kristen over the next few weeks but she continued to avoid me, I asked her friends but none of them could tell me what made her so angry with me. I guess that’s what makes this such a difficult situation for me, not knowing what I did wrong and not being able to fix it. Kristen and I have made some small talk since but it continues to be very awkward and I try to avoid it if I can. I didn’t end up going to prom my senior year. After screwing up for two years and not knowing why, I just figured I would save myself the trouble of a third time.

Kristen, I want my Prom back.


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